We're a professional grassroots
campaign company

The Strategy Network is a full-service political consultancy that specializes in grassroots efforts such as ballot campaigns ( initiatives, referenda, constitutional amendments and bond measures). We can oversee all aspects of your effort, or tailor our services to more narrowly to fit your needs.


Welcome to The Strategy Network!


Our winning programs target audiences, build awareness and mobilize people.

We build effective coalitions of neighbors, community and public opinion leaders for elections and during the government processes.


Reliable. Experienced. Trusted.


Our team includes senior staffers from the corporate, legislative and political world.

We have developed, managed and directed multi-million dollar and low budget effort grassroots and grasstop efforts for Foundations, Corporations, Associations since 2001.

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What we do

We Target (Identify), Activate and Motivate People.

Motivating people to do what you want and need are key to our client's success. Helping our clients identify, educate, organize and motivate people is where we shine brightest. We realize that a small group of well organized people can out-manuever the masses, so long as they have a plan and leadership.

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Tailoring strategy to meet our client's needs.

We're good listenersand we excel at developing strategies to help our clients meet their goals quickly to satisfy stakeholders, shareholders and to work within a budget.

  • We like to measure effectiveness, so we believe in metrics
  • We believe details matter, so we are very hands on
  • Second chances are for those who failed the first time
  • We make every day count so you can count on winning

The Strategy Network's team of professionals know what it takes to change public policy, win elections and motivate people to do things that they may initially believe are impossible. We realize that the public arena is difficult, and navigating process can be challenging. Our team will work day and night to accomplish your goals and will do so professionally, cost effectively. We enjoy hard work and getting our hands dirty for clients, because we believe that we win with our clients.


You can't impact public poilicy by sitting still and being quiet. To affect change or protect the status quo, you must be willing to:

• Develop a strategy to reach people
• Define your target audience
• Organize your audience
• Educate your audience about the process
• Motivate the audience
• Evaluate the effectiveness




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